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Leadership & Life Goodies

from Dr. Richardson

Virtual Facilitator Training

In this season of NEW NORMAL, everyone should feel confident conducting an effective, engaging online workshop. How do I keep people engaged? How do I make sure I have the right lighting? How should I angle my computer? How do I structure my content?


All of these questions are answered in Dr. Trenace Richardson's Virtual Facilitator Training.

ONLY $20.20 for a limited time!

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 8.03.32 PM.png

Successful Sister Circles Masterclass

Recorded Masterclass to help you successfully START and GROW your own sister circles. 

ONLY $97 for a limited time!

197Masterclass Successful Sister Circle.

BOGO Webinar Bundle

Get TWO webinars for the price of ONE for a limited time!

ONLY $75 for a limited time!


REAL Women Understand their Value

Recorded webinar to help you become confident about who you are, how valuable you are, and what you are purposed to do in life!

ONLY $47 for a limited time!


Becoming Baggage-Free Webinar

Recorded webinar to help you release unwanted emotional baggage so you can be your best YOU! 

ONLY $47 for a limited time!

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