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I Finally Took a Bath

I am a very low-maintenance person overall. I don’t personally need a lot of anyone’s time and attention to feel

valued. I don’t desire a lot of material things to satisfy me. I am not a big fan of luxury name brands. My favorite retail stores are thrift stores. Hell, I don't even have a regular hairstylist or nail technician.

But as much as I am low maintenance with relationships and material things, I’ve become quite high-maintenance when it comes to my own self-care. I need and want A LOT of quiet time, alone time, peace, serenity, joy, rejuvenation, etc., etc.

I know when I haven’t been taking care of myself. My body tells me. I feel inflamed, bloated, achy, and blah. My emotions tell me. I am easily irritated, impatient, and prone to mini-bouts with depression. My spirit tells me. I have little to no desire to commune with God and I tend to avoid the spiritual practices that typically bring me strength and healing. It takes a lot of my time and attention to care for me. I am HIGH-maintenance when it comes

to my self-care.

But guess what?

I’m worth it.

So after a long, unnecessary hiatus, I’ve revived one of my favorite self-care practices. My weekly spiritual baths. Don’t let that scare you. It is simply an intentional, prayerful time in my bathtub with candles, music to match my desired mood, epsom salt, and some oils and herbs if I so choose. I love the feeling of being submerged in warm water. Feeling weightless. Afterward, I always feel calmed, refreshed, and ready for the rest of my week.

Takeaway: What self-cafe practice do you need to start or revive to become

more high-maintenance with your self-care?


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