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Why This Blog Post is NOT about Will and Jada

Yes, I used their names to get you here but I am very clear why I don't want to comment on Will and Jada's personal life or anyone else's for that matter. Here are several reasons why this blog post is not about them.

Reason #1: I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

I would NEVER want the world commenting on my personal life! I am 46 years, I have two kids, I have been married for 21 years, I have worked for over a decade in full-time ministry, in higher education for over 15 years, and I have been a life-long student earning a doctorate in 2009 that took me 10 years to obtain. Within my 46 years of life, I have done plenty of shit that I am not proud of. I pray that as I continue to grow and positively influence more people, that my personal life does not become fodder for those who don't know me and have no regard for my personal well being. Which leads me to my second reason.

Reason #2: The people who truly love you don't make your private business public.

I really appreciate what Will and Jada have contributed to the world recently with Red Table Talks. It has begun real, impactful dialogue on so many important issues. And even though I don't know them personally, I know what it is like to risk putting yourself out there to help others, knowing you are just as flawed as anyone you are trying to help. It is risky but for those who do it anyway, I respect and admire that deeply. So, I have a sincere love and respect for them and I choose not to make their private life public fodder.

Reason #3: Rich and influential people are still human.

Money and influence do not extract the humanity out of a person; in fact, it makes them more vulnerable and susceptible to hurt, gossip, slander, lawsuits, and more. When more people know who you are and what you have, you can expect more attention, both good and bad. The kind of weight and pressure that creates can be unbearable for some. I would never want to test the boundaries of how much gossip another human can take by becoming a part of the crowd slinging it.

Reason #4: My life gives me more than enough content.

I choose not to build my business or my brand (which is focused on helping women become their best selves) on the backs, reputations, and personal business of another woman. Trust me, my life has enough mistakes, missteps, and lessons learned to keep me busy talking and writing about myself for the rest of my life.

In summary, until I am ready for the whole world to pick my life a thank you...I'll just be praying for them from over here. Shoot, I believe in karma and it can be a bitch. I'm good.

Thoughts? I'm listening.


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