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It’s Ok to Begin Again

WARNING: Long, transparent blog post... So after years of hiding and “playing the part” instead of living full out and being as transparent as I could be, I REFUSE to go back there. So everyone once in a while I wince when I feel God pushing me to share some parts of me publicly. But then I remember the alternative and how I felt living a suppressed life and I suck it up and share. So here goes... I don’t believe in “balance”. (I do a whole workshop on this topic, by the way.) I don’t believe all parts of our lives will ever get EQUAL attention. I believe instead in “SEASONS”. In one season of our lives, our focus and attention maybe more on one thing than another. Such is the cycle of nature and our lives. I always believe in maintaining a minimum level of self-care but I must admit, lately I have sacrificed my active belief in radical self-care in order to focus more heavily on building my business and spending time with my family. As a result, my eating habits and physical movement have strayed from my radical self-care norms. I have posted these pics of me at various SEASONS of my life to example what I mean. The one with me in the pink is me today. Often we publicly share the massive business successes, luxurious vacations, and impressive weight loss but get real quiet when we start to go through, lose momentum, or gain the weight back. I’ve been guilty of that too so I’m here to disrupt our hypocrisy. I’ve eaten whatever the hell I wanted for a few months now, as a result of working late nights and stress eating. My daily runs have turned into occasional walks. So I’ve gained some weight and as a result, I sometimes feel sluggish and sapped of energy. (Please don’t insert your judgment about how small I am here. We all know what our own personal best self looks like so feel free to simply connect my journey to however it applies to you w/o becoming critical or petty about my personal journey.) The blessing of where I am today (spiritually and emotionally) is that I’m not beating myself up about it like I would have in years past. I’m simply sharing transparently that EVERYTHING will not ALWAYS be EXACTLY the way we want it to be. Some seasons require different things of us. Our job is simply to reflect and assess where we are daily, how we are feeling, and what needs to happen that day/week/month to get us back to state of wellness and wholeness. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about doing everything “right” all of the time. It’s being willing to be honest about where we are right now, being as gentle and gracious and loving with ourselves as we would be with anyone else we love, and making the necessary adjustments to be our best selves. Everything we need to live a healthy life, both inside and out, we already have within us. Don’t beat yourself up about where you are. Simply begin again. If you are still here, you can begin again. If you would like to begin again with a roomful of like-minded women on the same journey, register for the REAL Women 2019 Summer Intensive at #CountdownToIntensive #wearerealwomen #realwomenrock #RWOOTW

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