This is What Sky Diving Must Feel Like

I've never been sky diving before.

I am unique. There is no one like me. I am not the best speaker, preacher, or singer in the world, but I speak, preach, and sing flat-footed, barefoot, and from my very soul. I am just a little bit righteous and rachet, all at the same time. I am as tough as a tomboy and as sensitive as a school girl. I like to play dress up but I love to dress down. I am the most selfish person I know so I've had to STUDY the concept of EMPATHY, in order to live it out.

What I am saying is I KNOW ME.

I have spent the last five years becoming very self-aware. Not pretending to be something I am not; but getting to know who I truly am.

And with all that I know about myself, I did not know if I would get through the DisruptHR Charlottesville without falling flat on my face. Until I was actually out there on stage, it was a toss up whether I would fall or fly. I was terrified of the very unfamiliar speaking format and without the luxury of my notes in my hand, I felt as if I was jumping off of a cliff without a parachute. And the content was so personal to me that I felt fully exposed. I was literally baring my soul to a group of strangers with no clue as to how they would receive me. Risking failure and rejection are not gambles I take lightly. But the miracle of flight never happens if we stay grounded.

So moments before I jumped (aka, walked onto the stage), I said to myself (yes I literally talk to myself), "Whether you fall or you fly, this will be over in five minutes. So, let's make this five minutes count! Show them who you are in these five minutes. Let them SEE you." So I walked my barefeet over to the edge of that cliff and I jumped.

This must be what sky diving feels like.

For me, speaking to an audience of people, allowing them to truly see me and then letting them know that I see them; that has got to be the most exhilarating feeling in the world. The magic created when the message God downloaded in me to share truly connects with the receiver is nothing short of a divine exchange. No wonder the feeling right before it is so incredibly unnerving. Because if it is done right (and by right, I mean with all of the sincerity, vulnerability, and courage I have within me), speaking, preaching, or singing can feel just like soaring on God-given wings.

I am a premier speaker, preacher, and vocalist and I do it from my soul.

Man, I have got to go sky-diving.

Leading with Soul Nuggets:

* Get to know YOU intimately.

* It's possible to be confident in who you are without being cocky about who you are.

* Don't leave this earth without discovering what makes you soar.

* In order to discover it, do something every day that scares you!

Now that you know the backstory, CLICK HERE for a video of the speech.

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