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Want Clarity?

All of our needs are different but the one thing I believe we all have in common is the need for CLARITY. Getting clear about relationships, job situations, finances, purpose/callings in life, and so much more. We desire answers. We want to feel a sense of peace. We long for life to reveal its hidden truths to us.

Can I share a harsh truth with you?

Clarity escapes us because we refuse to take a significant amount of time to be still and quiet. We cannot discover the wonders of peace that clarity brings in the hustle and bustle of our busy days. She is not elusive; she simply chooses to commune with us in the quiet stillness.

I found her this week, so far, in the earliest of morning hours. Time with her has been so sweet, it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy and sorrow. Tears of pent-up frustrations finally being released. She has so much to share with me. Why haven’t I chosen to be this still more consistently?

My perspective is elevated in her company. My priorities are rearranged thanks to her counsel. I put pen to paper and thoughts flows because she speaks to me in this solitude.

May I remember the gift that is clarity so that I still away daily to seek her out.

Takeaway: Have you been seeking clarity about anything? Have you carved out a specific time of quiet and stillness? My answer, so far, has been asking sister friends to hold me accountable to waking up in the morning before I start my day. That also meant getting to bed earlier. But it’s been worth it. What do you need to do differently to experience clarity?


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